• John's decades as an intellectual property attorney, representing some of the world's largest international corporations, prepared him to be professional, polished and commanding onstage in the corporate arena. Every one of his corporate shows is tailored to custom fit each client. If requested, John can incorporate company messages and recognize key employees and products during his performances.

    Every volunteer in the show is treated with respect and dignity. At the same time, the interaction between John and the volunteers -- as well as between John and the rest of the audience -- is full of humor. His stunning demonstrations of mindreading will leave employees talking for days. John doesn't use the same magic tricks already seen by your employees a hundred times throughout their lives. No levitations, no people disappearing, and no fancy apparatus. Instead, he relies on his mind and intuitive abilities, employing everyday items like crayons, chalk, paper and blackboard. The elegance and simplicity of the presentation increases the mystery of the astonishing acts of mentalism.

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