• About John

  • John Hankins was born on the outskirts of Salem, the home of the infamous witch trials, which seems to have had a lasting impact on the path he would follow. He grew up on the East Coast, with a typical child's love of sports, comic books, television and, of course, magic. By the age of ten, John was already performing in formal shows at schools. His love affair with magic and the mystifying arts continued throughout his adult life, even while he pursued other dreams.

    At Trinity College, he received his BS in Engineering (Electrical), then earned his juris doctor from Rutgers University Law School. During his 28 years as an intellectual property attorney, John became a partner at major law firms, developing and nurturing client relationships with some of the largest companies in the world. He rose to become the chairman of one law firm, and the head of the office in another, making good use of his unique brand of humor and insight, as well as the intuition and people reading skills he had cultivated since childhood. To date, he may be the only head of a law firm to hold a séance in the office.

    Drawing on his childhood experiences, John demonstrates his mentalism and mindreading skills in a humorous and playful way, interacting with members of the audience, transforming them into integral parts of the show. He forms a connection with each of his volunteers, providing them memorable and meaningful experiences, while entertaining the rest of the audience with amazing feats of telepathy, precognition and intuition. John's shows evoke memories of our common childhood adventures, while never failing to astonish and amuse.